DeafBlind Interpreter Referral Service

(Transcript from the Interpreting Services video by Jackie Engler-Morris)

Next I’m going to share about DeafBlind Interpreting Services. It’s critical that DeafBlind individuals have access to qualified DB interpreters who are proficient in using PTASL or ProTactile ASL and tactile communication. I have several examples. A law office might contact me because they have a client in need of PTASL services for a consultation around legal issues. I am responsible for recruiting highly qualified PTASL interpreters to meet the communication needs of their client so they can successfully access information. Another example would be the Seattle Dept of Transportation, who has a DB Board member attending monthly meetings. SDOT contacts me to recruit and coordinate PTASL interpreters for their board member. We also work with the DVR (Division of Vocational Rehabilitation). They might have a DB customer scheduled for a job interview who needs PTASL interpretation. They would need really good PTASL services for a job interview.


DBSC  is committed to facilitating high quality communication access for both DeafBlind and hearing consumers. The DeafBlind Interpreter Referral Service focuses on people with both vision loss and hearing loss only. DeafBlind communication varies in ways such as; close vision, tactile, tracking, and Pro-Tactile (PT). DBSC has the expertise to match a deafblind individual’s preferred method of communication as well as making use of skilled interpreters for the community. DBSC also respects the deafblind individuals preferred interpreter preference. We carefully screen all our interpreters for the appropriate skills and background for each request!

For more information or for a DeafBlind Interpreter request, please email: