The National Deaf-Blind Equipment Distribution Program (NDBEDP) enables qualifying deafblind individuals access to 21st Century communication technology. The Twenty-First Century Communications and Video Accessibility Act of 2010 (CVAA) authorizes the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) to provide up to $10 million annually for local programs to distribute communication equipment to low-income deafblind individuals. The goal is to provide them access to communication tools like email, text, and calls using modern technology to interact with the world as an involved member of society.

Types of FREE Equipment Available:

  • Braille Devices:┬áBraille Displays & Braille Note Takers, etc.
  • Computers & Tablets
  • Software: ZoomText, Jaws, Window-Eyes, etc.
  • Phones: Smartphones, Amplified Phones, Cap Tel, etc.

Hearing & Visual Loss Prerequisites:

  • Have a central visual acuity of 20/200 or less in the better eye with corrective lenses, or a field defect such that the peripheral diameter of visual field subtends an angular distance no greater than 20 degrees, or a progressive visual loss having a prognosis leading to one or both these conditions.
  • Have a chronic hearing impairment so severe that most speech cannot be understood with optimum amplification, or a progressive hearing loss having a prognosis leading to this condition.

Income Eligibility:

Applicant must meet income requirements that do not exceed 400% of the Federal Poverty Guidelines. Current Guideline

Apply for Equipment:

Applications can be made through iCanConnect.